How to Make Braided Rugs Using Old Sheets

Braided rugs created from scrap materials and purchased fabrics have covered floors for centuries. Rug makers using this “green” craft have been known for their resourcefulness. In centuries past, when fabric was costly and sometimes hard to come by, every scrap was saved and worked into a useful product. Rugs were kept for home use or sold. Making a braided rug using old sheets is practical and recycles the sheet fabric.

Things You'll Need

  • Straight Pins
  • Scissors
  • Braided Yards Of Sheeting Fabric
  • Sturdy Needle
  • Button Thread

How to Make Braided Rugs Using Old Sheets

Cut or rip sheets into 2- to 3-inch wide strips. Braid together. Form a continuous ball of braid by sewing the braids together at the ends with button thread.

Accumulate the yards of braid required for the size rug you desire. For example, 23 yards of braid will make a circle rug about 22-inches wide.

Working on a flat surface, coil the braid to form a center and pin. Using button thread, hand sew through the center coil. Do this for three or four coils to form a sturdy center about 4 inches in diameter.

Select the side of the coil you want as the underside of your rug. Still on the flat surface, coil your braid around the circle. Use straight pins to hold it together or sew a little as you work your way around, holding it with your hand.

Select a method for sewing. You can sew the braids together along their sides using a loop stitch. For a faster, but less sturdy option, sew secure stitches every inch or so. Continue sewing around the coil until your rug reaches its desired size.

Cut the braid and sew the braid ends together securely to finish the end. Fold under and sew to the braid beside it.


  • Non-slip rubber can be purchased at craft stores; cut to fit and sew underneath to prevent the rug from slipping. Braided rugs can be formed in the shape of a heart, square, rectangle or oval. The look of the rug will be determined by the prints and solids used to form your braids. Recycle pillowcases into strips for braided rugs. Because you join your braids together to form a continuous braid, the individual braids can be longer or shorter depending on the fabric lengths you are using. Cotton sheets work best, but cotton blends and flannels will work well.