How to Make Bracelets From Basketballs

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Things You'll Need

  • Utility knife
  • Scissors
  • Pen or marker
  • Compass
  • Hammer
  • Post-style snap set

The bumpy texture and orange color make a basketball unmistakable, even if not in its usual form. By transforming a basketball into bracelets, the material will still be obvious to most people. Bracelets made from basketballs are an eco-friendly craft that gives an old ball new life. Make enough to share with a whole team as a souvenir of your time together.

Slit the basketball with a sharp utility knife, cutting in a direction away from your body for safety. Cut along the basketball’s lines using sharp scissors, inserting them into the hole made by the utility knife. Repeat the process on another line to remove one of the panels.

Draw the outline of a bracelet shape onto the cut-out panel with a pen or thin-tipped marker.

Cut out the bracelet shape with scissors.

Form a small hole several centimeters in on both ends of the basketball bracelet strip. Poke through it with a sharp instrument such as a compass tip to form the holes for snap installation.

Attach the socket side of a post-style snap so the smooth head faces upward on the same side as the basketball texture. Hammer the two sections of the socket together.

Attach the stud side of a post-style snap so the stud appears on the same side as the basketball texture. Hammer the two sections of the stud together.


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