How to Make Birch Wedding Cake Stands

birch image by Pali A from

Things You'll Need

  • Cross-cut wood plaque
  • Wood from a tree limb or stump
  • Saw, if necessary
  • Sandpaper
  • Wood glue
  • Wood clamp
  • Parchment paper or food safe wood sealant

A wedding cake stand can enhance the theme and overall feel of a wedding, in addition to displaying the cake. A birch wood cake stand is the perfect choice for an outdoor wedding or one that features natural, woodsy components. Birch wedding cake stands are inexpensive and simple to make, with supplies that can be found at craft and home improvement stores.

Select a round or oblong cross-cut wood plaque from a craft store or hardware store. Cross-cut wood plaques are cleaned and prepared for use.

Obtain a section of tree trunk or limb from wood that you have on your own property, or from a lumber yard or hardware store. Select a piece of wood that is smaller in diameter than the diameter of the plaque. The piece of limb or trunk will be used as the stand, so cut it to the desired height using a saw.

Ensure that the top and bottom of the trunk or limb piece are even and smooth. Use a saw to cut the top and bottom even, if necessary, and sand the top and bottom so that they are smooth.

Apply wood glue to the plaque and the center of the trunk or limb piece. Firmly press the two pieces together.

Place a wood clamp on the top of the plaque and the bottom of the trunk or limb piece and tighten the clamp. Keep the clamp tight enough to keep the pieces together but not tight enough to damage the surface of the wood. If you do not have a wood clamp, you can use a heavy, even object (such as a book) on the surface of the plaque to keep it flush against the wood.

Allow the glue on the cake stand to fully dry, according to the manufacturer's directions.

Apply a food-safe wood sealant to the top of the plaque before using it, or lay a piece of parchment paper cut to the shape of the cake beneath the cake so that the surface of the cake does not touch the wood.