How to Make Animals With Pipe Cleaners

Cotton Balls on Black and White image by Towards Ithaca from

Things You'll Need

  • Pipe cleaners
  • Marker or highlighter
  • Scissors
  • Craft supplies such as pom poms or feathers
  • Set of markers

Make your own animals using pipe cleaners to form the animals’ body, tail, head and even legs. You will need different colored pipe cleaners to make sure your animals are the right color. With some thought and creativity, you can make a wide variety of animals. Make pipe cleaner animals with children as a way to pass the time on rainy days, or use them as party favors for birthday parties or other holidays.

Twist a pipe cleaner around itself to create a loop in the center. Make the loop as large as you want the animal’s head to be.

Wrap another pipe cleaner around a marker or highlighter to create the animal’s body. Slide the pipe cleaner off the maker or highlighter carefully when you are done.

Hook the end of pipe cleaner making the animal’s body to the head. If your animal has a tail, feed the tail pipe cleaner through the middle of the body and attach it to the head.

Cut two pieces of pipe cleaner to make the animal’s legs. Loop the legs through the coils in the body and twist the pipe cleaners to keep them in place.

Glue eye pieces, pom poms or other craft supplies onto the animal to complete its look. Use markers to make stripes.


Photo Credits

  • Cotton Balls on Black and White image by Towards Ithaca from