How to Make an Origami Skateboard

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When you don't have a skateboard, or can't go outside you can make a tiny skateboard that you can skate with your fingers. Toy manufacturers make these small skateboards for kids to play with, using their fingertips to pretend to do flips and tricks with the mini boards. This origami paper skateboard doesn't look like a mini board, but you can make it work just as well. All you need is a piece of paper and you can be playing for hours.

Fold a 6-inch square piece of paper in half by bringing the right edge over to touch the left edge. Fold it again by bringing the bottom of the paper up to the top.

Fold in half by bringing the right edge to the left edge. Lay the paper on the table horizontally. Fold the paper in thirds.

Lay the paper on the table vertically. Fold both top corners toward the middle so that the edges touch. Fold both bottom corners to the middle so that the edges touch. These are the wheels on the skateboard.

Bend the skateboard slightly 1/3 of the way in from either edge to mimic the bend in the skateboard.


  • Always press hard when creasing in origami.

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