How to Make an Origami Paper Mouth

Origami is an old Japanese paper art that found its way into the Western world as an arts and crafts hobby. There are hundreds of objects you can create with just one piece of paper and nothing else. Origami in Japanese means to fold paper and that’s exactly what you will be doing when you create your own origami paper mouth.

Today, origami is not something kept inside a classroom or crafts shop, but an activity you can do to help you relieve stress. Even adults will smile with paper art, and it won’t cost you much since you can always use paper that’s already been relegated for recycling.

Fold the paper three times across the length, as if in making a paper fan.

Stand the paper on its triangle or middle fold. Fold all four corners diagonally inwards.

Fold diagonally down the top corners of your middle triangle fold

Bring up the side folds to create a boat-like paper figure

Cut a 1/2-inch slit along the top of the long side of the paper edge.

Crease a half inch from this edge so that you can fold the edges outward to form a beak.

Pull apart the folds gently from the slits. The tips are the ends of the beak, and you can slip your fingers inside to mimic mouth movements. You now can have fun with your origami mouth.