How to Make an Origami Eagle

How to Make an Origami Eagle. Part one in making an origami eagle is an easy base step known as the frog base. After constructing the frog base, you can then go on to form the wings and finish the eagle, but these steps will help you form the frog base and start your origami eagle project. The frog base is also useful for other projects in addition to the eagle.

Place the patterned side face-down if you're using double-sided paper. Fold diagonally, bringing one corner to match the opposite corner. The pattern should be showing on both sides.

Crease the fold, making sure all of the points are even. You should have a large triangle half the size of the original square, with the halves of the square completely even on all edges.

Fold corner to corner again along the long edge of the triangle, forming a triangle half the size of the first triangle you folded. If you are using patterned paper, you should still have the pattern showing on all sides.

Crease the fold, again making sure that all of the points are even and the front flap completely covers your view of the back flap along all edges.

Grasp the corner of the top triangle flap and fold it back along a line perpendicular to the base of the triangle. Crease the fold.

Flip the entire shape over, and repeat Step 5, grasping the corner of the flap that is now on top and folding it over as you did before.

Proceed from this base shape to make the rest of the origami eagle.

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