How to Make an Origami Carnation

Ryan McVay/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Things You'll Need

  • Colored origami paper, 6-by-6 inches
  • Ruler

Make an origami carnation as a craft project, for decoration, or even to use in an origami bouquet. When folding an origami carnation, start with the base for a rose but make some small alterations. Use good-quality, colored origami paper to make carnations that look similar to the real thing. As with all origami, practice on scrap paper to avoid wasting quality origami paper and use your fingernail or the edge of a ruler to make crisp creases for each fold.

Place the paper square on a clean, flat surface. Fold it in half vertically and unfold. Fold the paper in half horizontally and unfold.

Flip the paper over. Fold it in half diagonally and unfold. Fold the square in half on the other diagonal and unfold.

Flip the paper back over. Fold each corner into the center so that they all meet. Turn the paper so it is a square shape.

Fold each of the four center points back about 3/4 of an inch. Then fold the edges you just made back until they are flush with the four outer edges.

Fold each of the four outer corners underneath the paper. You should end up with an octagon shape.

Crumple the paper, keeping the same side up. Uncrumple the paper so it appears as it did in the previous step.

Bring all the edges together by folding along the guidelines you made in the first two steps. Flip the flower upside down and twist the center point, forming a small stem.

Turn the flower right side up. All the edges should have two layers. Pull these layers apart, turning the edges of the outer layers down and folding the edges of the inner layers in or out. Form the carnation to your liking.


  • Glue the bottom stem of the carnation into a green straw to give it a longer stem.

    Twist a green pipe cleaner onto the bottom of the carnation for a realistic, bendable stem.