How to Make an Origami Bottle

The art of origami involves folding a piece of paper into various objects. These objects can range from animals to inanimate objects. Some origami projects are simple, and some are more complicated. One simple object you can make is a flat origami bottle. This bottle includes a stand so that you can stand the bottle up to display it. Use a square of paper that is colored on one side and white on the other to provide contrast between the bottle and the stand.

Fold one corner of the square of paper to the other corner and crease. Unfold and repeat with the other corners. Fold the corners into the intersection of the creases, making a smaller square.

With the flaps up, fold the two side edges back so that the paper makes a rectangle. Open the flaps on each corner of the rectangle, and flatten them down to form tabs.

Fold each of the tabs that hang off of the rectangle back behind the rectangle of paper. Fold the other tabs on the bottom down into the rectangle on the front if the bottle.

Fold the top of the paper down so that a triangle flap of paper pops up from the top. Fold both sides of this triangle into the center. Fold the two flaps that are created after the last fold up into the triangle to lock them into place. Fold the tip of the triangle down so that the top is flat.

Flip the bottle over, and open the folds slightly to tuck in the flaps. Turn the bottle back over, and fold up the bottom to 90 degrees to make a stand for the bottle.