How to Make an Origami Battleship Images

Things You'll Need

  • Square paper
  • Flat surface

Origami is a paper folding art form that has been popular all over the world for generations. This form of paper folding can create a variety of designs ranging from easy and fun crafts to extremely complicated and elaborate art pieces. Origami forms can include animals, insects, flowers and shapes. One easy origami paper craft is the battleship.

Fold paper diagonally in half, crease and unfold. Repeat on the opposite diagonal so that there is an "X" shaped crease in the paper.

Fold the corners in towards the center of the paper. Flip the paper over and repeat.


Flip the paper over and fold the corners in towards the center of the paper again.


Flip the paper over and slip your index finger into the fold in one of the little squares. Lift and crease so that it forms a small rectangle where the corner of the paper used to be. Repeat the process on the opposite corner.


Hold the paper so that the rectangles are vertical and the remaining squares look like diamonds. Put your thumbs under the diamonds and lift so that the rectangles come together to make smoke stacks. Crease into place.