How to Make an Elizabeth Swann Costume

How to Make an Elizabeth Swann Costume. Elizabeth Swann is the strong heroine of the three Pirates of the Caribbean movies, so it's easy to see why anyone would want to dress up as this character. This character has worn several costumes throughout this movie series. Making an Elizabeth Swann costume can be done by using the following steps.

Decide on which Elizabeth Swann costume is best. For Elizabeth's swashbuckler look one needs a long-sleeved white shirt, a dark vest, dark pants, a tricorn hat and long boots or boot covers available at any costume shop. Elizabeth's wedding dress is a full gold gown from the colonial period. Watch the movie or look at photos to get the right look. Check out sewing patterns by Simplicity and McCall's for Colonial clothing and select fabrics and colors according to the costume. Look through closets at home or browse through thrift stores for clothing finds. Men's dress pants make excellent pirate pants. Elizabeth's oriental look may be a bit harder to make as it involves embroidery. Make a basic oriental pants and long jacket from a pattern in black and try painting the design on with fabric paint instead.

Select appropriate footwear according to the wardrobe. Try a pair of flat black Chinese-style Mary Janes to go with the oriental outfit. Boot toppers are available from lots of websites or any costume store for Elizabeth's Pirate look. Just put these on over any pair of dark shoes. If working from a sewing pattern, boot cover patterns sometimes are included. Fabric stores carry all sorts of faux leather that works well. Choose an elegant ivory colored two-inch heel to go along with Elizabeth's fancy dress, either from that you might have at home or again, from a thrift store.

Find a long light-brown wig if not lucky enough to be born with this hair. These pictures are all over the Internet or just re-watch the movies. Check out the local costume shop for a wig. Her hair is styled long and loose with the pirate outfit, up in a low bun for the oriental look and styled with ringlets and pulled back for the wedding ensemble.

Accessorize your outfit. A folding fan works well with the fancy dress. Of course, a swashbuckler outfit needs a sword. Check the toy department at Wal-Mart for official Disney plastic weapons based on the movies. Aztec Gold necklaces can be purchased online or in accessory stores like Claire's or Hot Topic. To make a tricorn hat, take a regular brown cowboy hat and fold up three corners, securing from the inside with safety pins.

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