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How to Make an Egyptian Toga

You can make yourself a classic Egyptian toga.
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An Egyptian toga is different from a Greek or Roman toga. They are more fitted, less draped, and use less fabric. Egyptian togas do much more to flatter the female figure than the loose folds of Roman togas. They are very effortless to make. You only need some fabric and safety pins -- no sewing required. The fabric you choose should be long enough to wrap around you twice. Even though the fabric was traditionally made of white linen, you can use whatever color or fabric you like.

Things You'll Need:

  • 2 To 3 Yards Fabric
  • Safety Pins

Place the fabric behind your back and bring one of the corners, roughly about 8-9 inches long, over your left shoulder with the point toward your chest.

Wrap the rest of the fabric behind your back and around your right side under your right armpit.

Continue to wrap the fabric across your chest above your breasts toward your left side. Overlie the tip of the corner that is hanging over your shoulder.

Wrap it around your back again, keeping to at underarm level toward your right side, overlapping the first layer of fabric.

Bring the remainder across your chest, and meet the top corner with the first corner that is over your shoulder. Pin the top corner to the first corner with the safety pins or tie the two corners together.

Pin the layers together, from underneath the fabric, under the right arm, and where the fabric overlaps on your back left side.


You can dress up the toga by wrapping a gold cord around your waist as a belt, pinning a jeweled broach to the shoulder, wearing gold bracelets, or other ideas you may have.


  • Do not wrap the fabric too tight or it will restrict your movement.
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