How to Make an Adult Size Baby Doll Costume

Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Things You'll Need

  • Baby doll dress
  • White apron
  • White tights
  • Electrical tape
  • Black baby doll shoes
  • Yarn wig

Coming up with a Halloween costume is overwhelming when you stare at the racks and racks of store-bought costumes. Adding to the costume hunt frustration is they are expensive and often poor quality. Making your own costume saves you money and guarantees a higher quality costume. One simple costume to make for adults is a baby doll costume. Make a costume to look like a general baby doll or model it after the classic Raggedy Ann doll using items in your closet or from your local thrift store.

Wear a baby doll dress. These are dresses with a high waistline, such as an empire waste. The hem of the skirt rests between the knee and mid-thigh. Choose a playful pattern, such as daisies or polka-dots for a generic baby doll. Raggedy Ann’s dress was blue with red dots. If you cannot find that, use a blue floral or blue with small white or red dots. To save money, if you do not have one in your closet, look for a dress at a local thrift shop. Alternatively, purchase a dress pattern and fabric from your local craft store and make a dress.

Wear a white apron. This is necessary for the Raggedy Ann version. If you are going with a general baby doll, you can skip the apron. Choose an apron with ruffles, if possible.

Wear opaque white tights. Alternatively, if you want to recreate a Raggedy Ann look, wear red and white striped tights. If you cannot find red and white striped tights, create your own using red opaque tights. Wrap a piece of white electrical tape every 3 inches once you have the tights on.

Wear black baby doll shoes. These shoes are sometimes called Mary Janes. They are black leather flats with a strap across the bridge of the foot.

Wear your hair in pigtails or braids, for a general baby doll costume. Part it down the center before pulling it back. For Raggedy Ann, wear a red yarn wig.


  • For a general baby doll costume, wear light, natural makeup. For Raggedy Ann, put a red circle onto each cheek. Wear red lipstick and draw a black line out form the edge of your lips to create an extended smile. Then add a red triangle to your nose.