How to Make a Valentine's Day Jar of Love

MarkgrafAve/iStock/Getty Images

Let your imagination soar to create a sizzling hot or sweet-as-candy Valentine’s Day jar full of love. Valentine's Day jars are adorable gifts that show thoughtfulness and creativity. Personalize the jars to fit any Valentine's style, or use them to express unspoken feelings. Valentine's jars look elegant and can be created with ease by adults and children.

Love Jars

Create simple or inexpensive love jars from recycled jars and small strips of paper. Write what you love about your sweetheart on paper. Roll it up and place it inside the jar. Glue a heart into the bottom of a jar and fill it with water and glitter. Tell your Valentine it’s a hug from you every time he shakes it up. Select four fancy jars and paint the insides of the jars with acrylic paint. Pour a small amount of paint inside each jar and swirl it around until the interior surface is covered. Spell out the word "Love" across the bottles with puffy paint. Put one letter on the front of each bottle. Decorate the outside of a jar with a red felt heart, and fill it with red hot candy. Tell your sweetie that your love is red hot.