How to Make a Tulle Pom-Pom

While bunting and balloons are tried-and-true party classics, why not try something a little different with these tulle pom-poms? You can make them in any color scheme and use them as garlands, table accents or as a photo backdrop for your guests to take a selfie in front of!

Fold the fabric in half along the length of the fabric. Keep folding in half and in half again until you have a thin strip about 4–5 inches wide.

Cut the folded fabric into strips that are about an inch thinner than the width. Unfold all of the strips.

Wrap the tulle strip very loosely around your hand. The size of the loop will be around the size of the finished pom pom so bare this in mind when wrapping.

Slip the wrapped material off your hand.

Set aside, and cut a long piece of cotton thread.

Pick up the fabric and pinch together the open ends into the middle. Try to concertina the fabric so it doesn't fold into a loop.

Wrap the cotton around the pinched-in area two or three times to hold in place and tie in a knot. Wrap again and tie a double knot to hold in place. Trim off the excess thread.

Now you should have a lovely tulle bow -- but not for long! Cut along the folded edges, running one half of your scissors into the fabric loop and snipping all of the layers of fabric at the same time.

Do this on both sides of the bow. Tease apart the layers of fabric with your fingers. Start pulling the layers in opposite directions, twisting them as you go to create a fluffy pom-pom look.

Once you have made lots of pom-poms, thread them onto long pieces of cotton thread using a needle. To space them apart, thread through the pom-pom once, position in place, and then thread back down through the middle of the pom pom and up again — totaling three times. When you have filled the lengths of cotton or have the length you want, tie each end to a dowel to hang or simply tape to the wall to hang.

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