How to Make a Teddy Bear Hat

Things You'll Need

  • Knitting tools
  • Yarn

You might have noticed that several famous bears wear hats, such as Paddington Bear and Smokey the Bear. Perhaps you want to knit a hat for your child’s favorite bear that is similar to one you've seen, or maybe you want to design one that's completely unique. The following tutorial will teach you how to knit one type of bear hat.

Get a pattern you can use to make your bear hat. A simple pattern for a knit hat, or maybe a baby's cap, will do. One good place to look for a free pattern is at websites like

Choose what color yarn you want to use. This will be affected by the color of the bear, since you don't want to choose a color that is too close to the bear's fur. You also want to chose a fuzzy yarn, since this will produce the softest hat.

Begin knitting the teddy bear hat, using the pattern to guide you as you work.

Add ears to your bear hat. Put the hat on the bear and decide where you would like to place the ears, and how wide you want them to be. Slip the stitches of that part of the the hat onto the needle. Knit so as to produce a slight inner curve, narrowing as you work. And there you have it. A teddy bear hat.