How to Make a Sock Pig Puppet

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A child can make a sock puppet with minimal adult supervision. A pig sock puppet can be created with items found in most homes. There are only a few items that may need to be purchased. A child may enjoy making this craft because it can be used as a toy when finished. The puppet can also be used for a puppet show.

Things You'll Need

  • Scissors
  • Milk Carton
  • Tube Sock
  • Two Wiggly Eyes
  • Pink Fabric Paint
  • Pink Felt
  • Cup (Styrofoam Or Plastic)
  • Hot Glue And Gun
  • Two Pink Pom-Poms

Paint the sock pink with fabric paint. Color the cup pink with a permanent pink marker. A Styrofoam cup can be painted with the fabric paint.

Cut a straight line across the toe of a tube sock. Follow the seam sewn into the fabric.

Cut a 3-by-5 inch oval out of a milk carton and pink felt.

Glue the felt to the cardboard. Wait for the glue to dry. Fold the cardboard and felt in half.

Glue the cardboard and felt to the sock using hot glue. The felt-covered cardboard is the mouth of the pig.

Cut a “V” down the side of the cup. The point of the “V” should be at the base of the cup. The widest point in the “V” should be the width of a hand.

Glue the cup to the top of the mouth, with the base of the cup should be touching the end of the mouth. The rim of the cup should be glued flat to the sock. This will be the nose of the pig.

Glue two large pink pom-poms to either side of the cup on the sock. These will be the eyes.

Glue two large wiggly eyes to the pom-poms.

Stuff felt pieces inside the sock to make it fatter.