How to Make a Singer Bio

By Kena Sosa ; Updated September 15, 2017

Any artist keen on marketing himself knows the importance of a good bio. In fact, a singer needs a bio that encourage people to seek out their work. Read more to learn how to create a winning bio that speaks of who you are as an artist and as a person.

Identify your audience. Even for a singer this is relevant to what you will add in your bio. The bio you put on your fansite would probably be different than what you give to record executives looking to sign you. Record executives would probably want to know about your experience and education (related to music) as they will about your ability. They want to know if you are amateur or professional. However, fans will want to know what makes you sing.

Create a first sentence that is personal, interesting, and relative to your experience. Avoid phrasing that is overused or generic.

Grab the reader's attention with your experience. List relevant experience in order of importance. Use a transitional sentence, such as "since then..." to move the biography to other areas of interest. Include information regarding your inspiration and passion for singing.

List your biggest accomplishments as a singer. Include all accomplishments, including the details of your record label and song writing ability. End with a list of future goals.

Use spell check. Make sure all grammar is correct. Read what you have written or ask a friend to review it.

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