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How to Introduce an Artist to the Audience

Introducing an artist to an audience takes care and panache. You want to prepare the audience for the artist by giving an overview of their work and building anticipation for the artist's entrance. While your introduction may only last a few moments, you must take the time to prepare a proper introduction. Doing so will pave the way for the artist by allowing them to come out and immediately start displaying their work. A good introduction will give the audience the information they need to understand the artist.

Practice pronouncing the artist's name and make sure you have the name memorized. You want to ensure you don't make a mistake when introducing the artist to the public.

Grab the audience's attention by giving an entertaining anecdote or discussing an unusual aspect of their art. Maybe, as a musician, he uses authentic instruments from the 18th Century or has invented a new material. Talk about the artist's accomplishments so the artist may focus on his art.

Finalize the introduction by talking about the artist's degrees, experience, awards and accolades. Give specific examples, tell the audience where the artist received her training.

Ask the audience to give a warm welcome to the artist and thank them for coming to see the artist.


Keep the introduction short, lasting no more than five minutes total.

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