How to Make a Sequin Christmas Stocking

By Jonathan Fong ; Updated August 23, 2018


Christmas stockings tickle our imaginations with the goodies that are sure to come from Santa. And when they are as sparkly as these sequin Christmas stockings, we know the season will be merry and bright. While these sequin stockings look stunning, they are surprisingly easy to make, even for the beginner. So let it sew, let it sew, let it sew.

Materials Needed

To create these stockings, you will need to select a sequin fabric for the front, a complementary fabric for the back, and some fabric for the lining. You will also need a stocking pattern, masking tape, scissors, pins, fabric glue and a sewing machine.

About Paillette Sequins

The fabric I have selected is embellished with paillette sequins. As opposed to small sequins that are glued or sewn on fabric, these paillette sequins are large spangles that are attached to a mesh backing with a thread looped to a small hole in each spangle. Paillette fabric is not only ultra-sparkly, it is actually easier to sew than other sequin fabric. In order to go through a sewing machine, sequins need to be removed from fabric; paillettes snip off easily, while smaller sequins are very difficult to remove.

Create a Pattern

On a large piece of paper, draw a stocking shape to the size you want. You can either draw it freehand or trace a stocking you already have. To factor in a seam allowance, draw a larger stocking around this first one, about a half inch wider on all sides. Cut around the outside stocking shape.

Cut the Sequin Fabric

With the fabric sequin side down, pin the pattern to the fabric. The pattern should also be flipped in reverse. The fabric is easier to cut with the mesh side up. As you cut around the pattern, you will be slicing through sequins. Do not worry about sacrificing these sequins. The ones along the edge will be removed anyway.

Remove Outside Sequins

Remove the pins and flip the fabric over, sequin side up. Before this piece can be sewn to the backing fabric, the sequins along the half-inch seam allowance must be removed. Just pull each sequin up and snip the thread from the mesh with small scissors. This step is not hard, but it is boring and takes a few minutes. Putting on some holiday tunes will help. Place the pattern behind the fabric to make sure you have removed all the sequins in the seam allowance. Save the extra sequins for later.

Tape Off the Sequins at the Edge

To make sure any sequins remaining at the edge do not fall into the path of your sewing machine needle, tape them down with some masking tape.

Cut the Backing Fabric

For the backing of the stocking, I chose a gold damask that would match the gold sequins. Pin the pattern to the fabric wrong side up so that the fabric will line up with the sequin fabric. Cut around the pattern.

Cut the Lining Fabric

Because the mesh fabric holding the sequins is sheer, I chose a lining that was a similar color to the mesh. Fold the fabric to create two layers, and pin the pattern to both layers. Then cut along the pattern. The lining is the same on both sides, so there was no "right" or "wrong" side to worry about.

Time to Sew

Pin the sequin fabric to the backing fabric, with the right sides facing each other, and the wrong sides facing out. Also, pin the two sides of the lining fabric together. Sew along the sides of both sections about a half-inch from the edge. When sewing the sequin fabric to the backing, you can use the taped sequins as your seam guide. Do not sew the top edges. And on the lining, leave about three to four inches on one side open near the heel.

Cut Notches Around Curves

After you've sewn the outside stocking and the lining, cut notches along the curves. These cuts will help the stocking be more flexible. Notice also the three-inch opening on the right side of the lining near the heel. That opening is very important.

Turn the Sequin Section Right Side Out

Leave the lining wrong side out for now. However, turn the sequin stocking right side out. Carefully remove the masking tape along the edge that was keeping the sequins in place.

Slide One Layer Inside the Other

Again, make sure the sequin stocking is right side out, while the lining is wrong side out. Put your hand inside the sequin stocking and slide it inside the lining until the tops line up. Everything is backwards right now, so it can be a little counter-intuitive. But believe me, it works. Notice that the masking tape along the top edge remains, as we still need to sew that section.

Make the Hanging Loop

Now it's time for the loop to hang the stocking. Cut a piece of fabric (I used some of the backing fabric) to about 6 inches by 3 inches. Fold it lengthwise wrong side out and sew a straight line about one half inch from the fold. Cut off the excess fabric to the right of the seam and turn it over, right side out. You should now have a 6-inch "tube" of fabric.

Place the Loop Inside the Stocking

Fold the "tube" of fabric in half and place it loop side down along the back edge of the stocking, between the lining and the exterior. Line up the unfinished sides of the loop with the unfinished sides of the stocking, so the loop is completely hidden in the stocking. Pin it in place.

Sew the Top Edge of the Stocking

Pin around the top edges of the stocking. Keep in mind that you are going around the top rim of the stocking, sewing the exterior to the lining, about a half inch from the edge. You are not sewing all four layers together. There should still be an opening when you are through.

Pull the Sequin Fabric Right Side Out

From the opening that you left in the lining, pull out the sequin fabric so it is now right side out. Then turn the lining over so it too is right side out. This is the magical part of the project when you realize how important that opening was, and you have done everything correctly.

Sew Up The Hole

When both sections of the stocking are right side out, sew up the opening in the lining. You can either hand stitch it or use a sewing machine. Do not worry if the seam is visible. Because you placed the opening low by the heel, you won't see the stitches.

What the Stocking Will Look LIke

At this point, the project should look like two stockings – the sequined stocking and the lining – attached at their tops and appearing like a mirror image. Now just tuck the lining into the stocking.

Use the Extra Sequins

Remember all those sequins you removed for the seam allowance? Look for any empty spots on the front of the stocking that need to be covered, and attach extra sequins with some fabric glue. If you removed too many sequins for the seam allowance, now is the time to put them back. You can also save most of the extra sequins for other arts and crafts projects.

Wait for Santa

Now that the stockings are hung by the chimney with care, St. Nicholas soon will be there – to admire your handiwork. With a stocking this beautiful, you're sure to land on the "nice" list.

About the Author

Jonathan Fong is the author of three books: "Walls that Wow," "Flowers that Wow," and "Parties that Wow." He currently hosts the web series "Style With A Smile."