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How to Make a Round Origami Bowl

Origami is an enjoyable hobby that renders beautiful pieces of art.
origami flowers image by Maciek Lazecki from Fotolia.com

Origami is a hobby and past time that yields one-of-a-kind pieces of art. You do not need to be an expert to make an intricate piece of work. All you need is a little time and patience to fold the paper precisely. An origami bowl is often square, but some folding techniques create a round bowl. These bowls can be used as a centerpiece for a dinner event or your coffee table. If the paper is sturdy, it will even hold candy or potpourri.

Fold a square sheet of origami paper in half to form a rectangle, and then fold the rectangle in half to achieve a smaller square.

Fold the inner point of the small square down about an inch or whatever your preference is. This fold determines how large the center of your bowl will be. Unfold the paper, and spread it out to its original form. You should see a small square in the center of your paper.

Turn the unfolded origami paper over and lay it flat. Fold over one side of the paper to align it with the bottom point of the inner square. Crease the fold only, and return the paper to its original form. The fold should end next to the point of the inner square. Repeat this process on the other three sides of the origami paper.

Turn the paper over. Pinch up the crease you folded, and lay it down on the line of the square in the center. The fold will not stay in place -- you are just emphasizing the center. Once you have finished pinching all four creases, pick up the folds and twist the paper in a counterclockwise direction. Push down the corners of the paper in the center to lock the paper in place. If you do not want the points of the paper sticking up, fold them over for a rounded edge.

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