How to Make a Rose Sachet from Dried Roses

Make your own potpourri-filled sachets from dried rose petals to re-experience the sweet rose scents from your home garden. Use a no-sew method to make simple sachets to use around the house. Rose potpourri sachets also make wonderful gifts.

Dry the fresh roses. Hang the flowers upside down in a cool dark place. Check them after five days. The roses are ready when the petals are easy to break to the touch.

Remove the rose petals from the flowers and place in a large bowl.

Add other dried material, if desired, such as dried artemisia or eucalyptus. Cut up any large pieces and add to the rose petals in the bowl.

Add 25 drops of rose essential oil to the ingredients in the bowl. Mix well and place the mixture in a paper bag. Roll down the top of the paper bag, and set it aside for a week to fully adsorb the oil.

Choose the fabric for the sachet. Recycle an old lace curtain, a bed sheet or an outgrown party dress, or visit the remnant table at your local fabric store. Decide how large you would like the rose sachet to be and cut out a rectangle twice that size.

Place the rectangle piece on a hard, protected surface in preparation for gluing. The material can also be sewn, if you prefer.

Plug in the hot glue gun and fold the top edge of the rectangle over 1/4 inch for a finished edge. Glue or sew this top edge to keep the fabric from unraveling.

Turn the rectangle over, so the rough edge of the top is showing. Fold the fabric in half with the rough edge showing. Glue the long side and the bottom edge. Leave the top part with the folded hem unglued.

Trim the corners of the bag and turn it right-side out.

Fill the bag with the potpourri mixture almost to the top. Leave a 1/2-inch space to close the sachet.

Finish by tying a pretty ribbon around the top.

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