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How to Make a Down Comforter

Make a Down Comforter
Vintage Sewing Info

Things You'll Need:

  • Sewing machine
  • Two sheets
  • Bulk goose down
  • Straight pins


Bulk down can be purchased online. Check your crafts store for bulk goose down resources. Buy or make a duvet or cover to keep your comforter clean and to reduce wear and tear. Put a couple of tennis balls in the dryer with your comforter. They'll help fluff it. Buy sheets with a heavy thread count.


  • Down is hard to work with because it scatters easily. Make your comforter in a draft-free room and be patient. Make sure your seams are tight so the down doesn't escape.

Down comforters are stuffed with the fluffy layer of material that's under a waterfowl's feathers. It's soft, breathable and is a remarkable insulator, so it can be used year-round. It's washable and lasts a long time. Goose and duck down are used in mattress toppers, pillows and clothing. Down comforters are desirable because their light weight makes them more comfortable. You can make a down comforter in an afternoon with basic sewing skills.

Buy two sheets. The size depends on what size bed the comforter is made for. Choose colors or patterns that match your decor. Use two different patterns to make a reversible comforter.

Pin the sheets together with the right side of one facing the right side of another. This creates a large inside out bag or sack.

Stitch three of the sides together completely, and most of the remaining side. Leave about an 8-inch gap.

Gently turn the sewn-together sheets right side out by pushing the fabric through the opening you left in one edge.

Stuff loose down into the sack through the opening. Use enough down to make a comforter about an inch thick.

Close the opening you stuffed the down through by ironing a hem and using a tidy slip stitch to sew it closed.

Lay the comforter down on a large, flat surface. Shake the goose down to distribute it evenly inside the comforter.

Keep the down in place by sewing seams lengthwise and crosswise that create squares about 12 inches on each side. Pin the seams while the comforter is spread out and the down is evenly distributed.

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