How to Make a Ring From a Hex Nut

nut image by sheldon gardner from

Things You'll Need

  • Ring mandrel
  • File(s)
  • Wet/dry sandpaper (220, 400, 600 and 800 grit)
  • Finger gauge (optional)

Jewelry does not require expensive metals or gemstones to create an unusual, eye-catching accessory. You can find many inexpensive yet alluring materials to use as components in your jewelry-making at your local hardware store. It is easy to fashion a hex nut into a ring using only a file and sandpaper.

Measure your finger or the finger of the person who will wear the hex nut ring. You can measure ring size using a standard finger gauge or you can take a ring that fits and slide it onto a ring mandrel to determine the ring size needed for your project.

Select a hex nut with a larger outer rim and a slightly smaller inner rim than the ring size you need.

File away the threads on the inside of the hex nut using the file. Continue to file until the inside of the hex nut is smooth and the size needed for your ring.

Check the hex nut as you work by sliding the hex nut on a ring mandrel. Take care not to file too much or the ring will be too big. It is easy to enlarge a ring, but if you make the hex nut ring too large, you will need to start filing over again with a new hex nut.

Use (220 grit) wet/dry sandpaper to sand the inside of the hex nut so that the inside of the ring is quite smooth. Switch to 400, 600 and 800 sandpaper as you work until you create a high polish.

Test the hex nut ring for comfort. Slide the hex nut ring onto the finger of the person who will wear the ring. Make any needed adjustments.