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How to Repair a Broken Binder Ring

How to Repair a Broken Binder Ring. The rings on a binder are designed to be opened by pulling or pushing on the two tabs located above and below the rings of the binder. If you pull on the rings to open them instead of using the tabs, the rings can become misaligned causing the binder rings to look broken. Before deciding to throw it away, why not see if you can repair it.

Use the handle of a screwdriver, or a small hammer head, to gently tap on the top of the broken binder ring. Be careful not to hit it too hard or you could dent it or misalign it further. Tapping on the ring may cause it to realign itself.

Force the broken binder ring open if tapping on it did not work. Take one side of the ring in each of your hands and apply steady pressure in a downward motion until the ring is fully opened.

Re-close the broken ring and check to see if your repair efforts worked.

Open the other rings of the binder first if your binder ring is still broken. Then force the broken binder ring open again. Close all of the rings at the same time and then check the alignment of the broken ring to see if it is repaired.


Contact the manufacturer of the binder if you are not able to repair the ring. Depending on the age of the binder and the nature of the damage, some manufacturers offer to replace the broken binder free of charge.


  • The manufacturer may or may not require that you send the broken binder to them before they send you a new one. In which case, be sure you compare the cost of shipping, with the cost of purchasing a replacement binder, to see if it makes financial sense to pursue the product warranty.
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