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How to Make a Riddler Cane

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Apart from his green outfit and mask, the most distinctive part of the costume for the “Batman” franchise's brain-teasing villian, The Riddler, is his cane with the question mark top. This variation on a real hook-shaped walking cane is an essential part of any Riddler costume, but luckily, it's also easy to make yourself. Sculpt your own question-mark top to attach to any cane or dowel and make your Riddler costume instantly identifiable to any Batman fan.

Things You'll Need:

  • 1 Cup Plus 2 Tablespoons Meltable Craft Plastic Beads
  • 3 Foot, 1 Inch Diameter Wooden Craft Dowel
  • Gold Spray Paint

Melt one cup of the plastic beads according to manufacturer's instructions.

Form the cane top while the plastic is cooling. Roll the plastic into a ball, then form that ball into a snake about six inches long. Use this to form the top of a question mark; make the top curve of this shape broad and flat, imitating the font most commonly used for the Riddler's cane. Lay the cane on its side on a smooth, flat surface while it cools to hardness (you'll know it's fully cooled when the plastic becomes opaque white).

Use the rest of the plastic to form the bottom of the question mark. Melt the plastic, then divide it into two pieces. Press one piece over the end of the dowel, smearing it over the tip and blending it into the wood along the sides of the dowel. Form the remaining piece of plastic into a ball and press this on top of the first piece.

Attach the cane top to the dowel. While the plastic on the tip of the cane is still soft, press the end of the question mark shape's stalk onto the plastic ball at the end of the cane. Hold in place until the plastic hardens.

Spray paint the dowel. Lay out the cane on old newspapers and spray paint one side. Let dry, then flip over to do the second side. Repeat on both sides to add a second coat.

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