How to Make a Quinceanera Bouquet

Making a Quinceanera bouquet is much easier than making a wedding bouquet. Quinceanera and wedding bouquets are very similar, except that Quinceanera bouquets tend to be smaller, simpler and more colorful that a traditional bridal bouquet. It’s important to know the colors and theme chosen for the Quinceanera, or the coming-of-age celebration for girls, before trying to create a bouquet. Once you know what kind of bouquet to make, check your local craft store for a plastic bouquet holder with a white foam top and some attractive silk flowers.

Things You'll Need

  • Plastic Bouquet Holder, Small
  • Baby’S Breath
  • Scissors
  • Yellow Silk Roses
  • Craft Glue
  • Short Vase
  • Pink Silk Roses
  • White Ribbon, 1 Inch Thick

Place your small, plastic bouquet holder in a short cup or vase to hold it upright and relatively steady while you insert silk flowers to create the Quinceanera bouquet.

Use the scissors to cut the large clumps of baby’s breath into seven medium-size sections. Cut the stems of each section 2 inches long, and cover them with glue. Arrange four of the sections around the bottom of the rounded foam bouquet form. Arrange the remaining three sections around the interior of the bouquet form. Arrange the baby’s breath so that the overall shape of the bouquet remains round. Press each stem into the foam completely to secure.

Take a pink rose, and cut the stem 2 inches long. Cover the stem with glue, and push the silk flower into the top of the Quinceanera bouquet so that it sticks out slightly higher than the baby’s breath. Continue this process, interchanging the pink and yellow roses, until you completely cover the foam form with a rounded, silk flower bouquet shape. Let dry.

Glue a ribbon end along the top part of the plastic Quinceanera bouquet holder, right under the silk flowers. Slowly, neatly and tightly wrap the ribbon around the holder until you reach the bottom. Wrap the ribbon upward again until you reach the top of the holder. Cut the ribbon, and glue the loose end along the top of the holder. Let dry.


  • You can use the same basic steps listed above to create a variety of different Quinceanera bouquets. Mix leatherleaf and star gazer lilies for a very feminine bouquet or lemongrass and Gerbera daisies for a funky bouquet.


  • Do not use bouquet holders with green foam tops. Green foam holds water and live flowers. If used dry or with fake flowers, it tends to crumble easily. Hold silk flowers in bouquet holders with white foam tops.