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How to Lacquer Flowers

Things You'll Need:

  • Cut flowers
  • Clear aerosol lacquer
  • String
  • Rubber band
  • Dry location
  • Scissors


  • Wear a painters mask for safety while spraying lacquer.

Cut flower arrangements are beautiful additions to any home. However, cut flowers do not last long before they die and must be thrown away. One popular way to preserve flowers is to dry them. However, this process can be taken a step further to include lacquering the flowers. Lacquering flowers, provides a protective covering over delicate flower petals that makes them more durable and thus able to be kept for longer periods of time.

Pick flowers at their peak bloom period. To lacquer flowers that are already in a cut bouquet, plan on drying and applying lacquer as soon as possible to avoid flower deterioration.

Remove as many leaves from the stem as possible because leaves do not look good once dried.

Gather the flowers together in small bundles of three to four if drying more than one flower. Tie the bundles together with string or by using a rubber band.

Attach the flowers upside down by the stem to a clothes hanger using the string. You can attach multiple bundles to each hanger.

Place the clothes hanger in a dry area with good circulation for 1 to 2 weeks to allow the flowers to dry. Some ideal locations for drying flowers include attics, closets and basements as long as they have low levels of humidity.

Take the dried flowers outside but do not remove them from the clothes hanger. Hang the clothes hanger onto a tree limb or other location that will not be damaged by paint spray.

Using a clear aerosol lacquer to spray the flowers with light even strokes until completely covered in lacquer. Allow to dry completely and then apply a second coat.

Remove flowers from the hanger and use scissors to snip the string or rubber band holding them together.

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