How to Make a Quick and Easy Friendship Bracelet

Friendship bracelets come in many patterns, ranging from the very simple to extremely complicated. Make your own varieties that you can complete in minutes or even in a few seconds. You need embroidery floss, baby- or sport-weight yarn or plastic lacing for these patterns.

30 Seconds, Start to Finish

The fastest bracelet requires two 12-inch lengths of floss or lacing. Fold each piece to form a U and place them with the curves facing each other. Pick up one U in your right hand and pull it under the one on the left side to make a loop. Pull the ends of the right-hand string through the loop and pull it tight. Your bracelet is ready to tie around your friend’s wrist, and then you can trim the extra string.

Twist Again, Fast and Trouble-free

For this version, embroidery floss or baby yarn work better than plastic. You need two 12-inch lengths.

Tie the strings together on one end with an overhand knot.

Pull the other ends apart, placing one end between your knees or between your toes. Lift the other one toward the ceiling.

Twist the top string in one direction several times.

Still holding both ends, pull the knot in the center to the side. The strings will twist around one another.

Tie the loose ends together to hold the twist and then tie the bracelet to your wrist.

Braid It Briskly

You can use the same braiding techniques you would for hair braids or try this four-strand method to bump up the "wow" factor.

Cut two 1-yard strands each of two colors of floss, yarn or lacing.

Fold the strands in half and tie them around a table or chair leg. Place them so that they line up Color A, Color B, Color B and then Color A. Tie a double knot to hold the strands to the leg.

Pick up the outside strand on the far right side and cross it to the center. Pull the outside left strand to the center, too.

Repeat the alternating outside-to-inside pattern until your bracelet reaches the desired length. Tie a double knot and cut the loop from the leg.