How to Make a Puppet Person

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Paper bag hand puppets allow young children to learn about puppetry with simple, household materials. They can make a puppet person out of a plain paper bag and use that puppet to interact with other puppets or engage in creative play. You can encourage a child to make the puppet a realistic depiction of a human face, or allow the child to create a more imaginative design with exaggerated features.

A plain paper bag provides material for a hand puppet person.
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Things You'll Need

  • Small Plain Paper Bag
  • Glue
  • Markers
  • Yarn

Turn a small plain paper bag upside-down, leaving the bag folded. The side of the bag that has the bottom folded over will be the front of the puppet to decorate.

Draw eyes, a nose and the top lip of a mouth onto what was the bottom panel of the bag. Finish the lower lip on the side of the bag just below the bottom panel. This way, when you animate the puppet, it will look as if the mouth is opening and closing. Draw the inside of the mouth by lifting up the bottom panel and coloring in the space under the flap.

Glue yarn onto the top of the puppet to represent hair. Apply lines of glue and press one strand of yarn at a time onto the glue, holding in place for several seconds to dry before repeating with additional strands.

Put the thumb of your dominant hand below the bottom panel flap and insert the other fingers into the flap. Move fingers and thumb away and toward each other to animate the mouth.