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How to Make a PSP Charger

You can make your own home charger for your PSP device. By combining a USB cable with a power cord that has the PSP's type of adapter plug, you can create a cable that can charge the battery with your computer. This involves connecting bare wires from two different cables together, so use caution. There is always the possibility that an improperly connected cable can damage the PSP, so proceed at your own risk.

Things You'll Need:

  • Electrical Tape
  • Power Cable With 4.0-By-1.7 Mm Adapter Plug
  • Usb Cable
  • Crimping Tool
  • Soldering Gun (Optional)

Cut off the peripheral end of a USB cable (the end with the more square-shaped connector). Strip away the cable's insulation to reveal four wires inside: red, green, white and black. Strip part of the insulation off of these wires.

Twist the black, green and white wires together to form one wire lead. The white and green are the data cables and must be grounded together with the black ground wire. Bend these wires slightly away to make sure they don't touch the red power wire.

Take any cable with a 4.0-by-1.7 mm adapter plug and cut/strip away the insulation at the end opposite the adapter plug. There will be two wires inside: the bare ground wire and the power wire inside its own insulation. Making sure these wires don't touch, strip away the power wire's insulation.

Connect the power wires together and the ground wires together on each cable. Connect the red USB wire to the insulated power cord wire and the red/green/black wire to the bare wire. Twist these together or solder them, then seal them with electrical tape.

Plug the completed cable into the PSP through the adapter connector and plug the USB connector into your computer. The cable will charge the PSP through the computer.


Use a voltmeter to make sure the shielded wire in the adapter cable is the power wire and the bare wire is the ground one.

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