How to Make a Pretend Fireplace

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Things You'll Need

  • Appliance box
  • Box cutter
  • Masking tape
  • Sponge
  • Red paint
  • Paper plate
  • Small log

Do you need a place to hang your stockings on Christmas Eve? Craft a faux fireplace out of a cardboard appliance box. This fireplace is designed to fit into a corner for a realistic effect. This pretend fireplace has a real mantel that will support lightweight decorations, so you can decorate your fireplace with tinsel garland and small ornaments. The top of the box is sturdy enough to support a plastic Nativity scene.

Cut out one side of the box. Put the cardboard you cut off aside. Cut the top flaps off the two sides on either side of the open side.

Cut through the joint between the bottom of the box and the side of the box on the two sides with the flaps cut off. This will allow the sides to fold into the box.

Fold the sides in until their edges touch, forming a triangular box standing on a square of cardboard. Tape these edges together.

Cut off the two corners on the bottom of the box that extend beyond the sides of the new triangular box. Tape the bottom of the box to the sides. Now the box is a triangle that will fit into a corner.

Turn the box over and fold out the remaining flap to form a hearth for your fireplace. Cut an opening for your log in the lower front of the box on the side with the hearth. Be careful to leave at least a 4-inch strip of cardboard over and around the hole.

Cut in half the cardboard side that was removed earlier. Overlap the short sides and tape them together to make a long, narrow chimney for the fireplace.

Pour some red paint on a paper plate. Dip a rectangular sponge into the paint and paint bricks on the fireplace and chimney. Allow the paint to dry overnight.

Place the fireplace in a corner and place the chimney on top. The short end of the chimney will rest on the top of the fireplace, and the long sides will rest against the wall on either side of the corner. This leaves a space for a mantel on top of the box. Place a real log in the opening of the fireplace.


  • If desired, cut triangular flames out of foil or Mylar, and tape the bottom edges to the back side of the log so that the flames stick out above the log.