How to Make a Pirate Hat out of Paper

Make a newspaper pirate hat to wear with your Halloween costume.
Vladimir Mucibabic/iStock/Getty Images

Whether playing a pirate in a class play or dressing up as one for a costume party, use newspaper to create a pirate hat in a jiffy. When you make a pirate hat out of paper, you can customize it to match your outfit and decorate it to look realistic.

Gather Materials

Collect the materials you need in order to make a paper pirate's hat, including a sheet of newspaper, a glue stick, tempera paint, a paintbrush, construction paper and scissors. You will also need a large workspace, like a kitchen table or countertop.

Form the Pirate Hat

To form the basic pirate hat, start by arranging the newspaper vertically on your work table. Fold the top edge of the paper over to the bottom edge, effectively folding the paper in half with the folded edge at the top. Fold the two top corners over to meet in the center of the paper, and line up the edges so that you create two folded triangles. Press the folds to crease them. You will have two long flaps at the bottom of the hat. Lift up the facing flap and fold it against the triangles. Turn the hat over and lift up the remaining flap. Open the bottom of the hat if you prefer to wear it undecorated.

Paint the Hat

Paint the hat using tempera paint and a paintbrush. Apply a thin coat of brown paint to create a traditional-looking pirate hat, covering all of the exposed areas of the hat. Paint one side at a time, allowing it to dry completely before turning the hat over to paint the other side. Apply a second coat of paint if needed.

Add Decorations

Add decorations to embellish the hat, like a skull and crossbones. Cut out a skull and crossbones from white construction paper and glue it to the front side of the pirate's hat with a glue stick. You can now become a pirate with your paper pirate hat.