How to Make a Pillowcase Romper

Pillowcase rompers are an adorable way to create play clothes for your little ones without spending a ton of money, especially if you use an old pillowcase that you already have. The steps here are for making a very simple romper, but if you have the skills, you can add any embellishments you want. For the basic model, you need only a pillowcase, ribbon, scissors and a sewing machine or needle and thread.

Things You'll Need

  • 36 Inches Of Ribbon (At Least 1 Inch Wide)
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine Or Needle And Thread
  • Measuring Tape
  • Fabric Marking Pen Or Pencil
  • Pillowcase

Turn the pillowcase inside out, and lay it flat with the open edge at the top. Cut the bottom seam open.

Find the center of the bottom edge, and measure 6 to 8 inches up from the edge. Draw a line from this point to the bottom edge, and then draw a U-shape about 1 inch all around this line. Cut out the U shape, through both layers of the pillowcase. This will be the pant inseam.

Sew this seam together. Then sew a hem in each of the pant legs.

Move to the top of the pillowcase, and cut open the side seams of the pillowcase until just the folded edge is open. Turn the pillowcase right side out.

Cut the ribbon into two 18-inch lengths. Thread one piece through the folded edge of the pillowcase on each side.

To wear the romper, slide the pillowcase over the child's legs and pull it up over the chest. Tie the front and back ribbons together over the shoulders.


  • For best results, hold the pillowcase up to the child to measure the inseam.