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How to Make a Bra With Duck Tape

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When you make your own bra, you can be sure that it's an exact fit for you. Don't think that you have to stick with the traditional satin and lace, though--you can make a bra with duck tape. A duck tape bra won't have the flexibility of a usual bra, but it can be part of a costume or just a good conversation piece. Best of all, you can make a duck tape bra in just a few hours, without sewing a single stitch.

Things You'll Need:

  • Old T-Shirt
  • Scissors
  • Duck Tape

Put on the old t-shirt. You'll be cutting this shirt up, so be sure that it's one that you don't care about. If possible, a form-fitting shirt will work better than a baggy one.

Form the breast cups with duck tape. Put small pieces of duck tape around the breast on the outside of the old t-shirt. You should be sure to cup the breasts firmly. Create the shape of bra that you want--demi-cups look nice, but you can also create a full coverage bra.

Attach the two cups from the front. Using the duck tape, create a small "bridge" that will connect the two cups.

Wrap duck tape around your torso. Connect these pieces of duck tape to the cups. Be sure that this piece is wide enough to create a supportive bra. Those who have large breasts will want a wider strap around their torso.

Cut the t-shirt off. At this point, you should have the duck tape in a good bra shape. Starting with a straight cut up the back, remove the t-shirt from your body, then cut around the duck tape bra so that only duck tape is showing. The bra should now be open in the back.

Create the bra closure. You need closures to put the bra on and take it off. To do this, cut a small hole on one of the back sides, similar to a button hole. You should then attach an extra length of duck tape to the other side. Once attached, fold this duck tape in half so that it is not sticking against your skin. To close the bra, thread this extra length through the hole and bend it back. You'll need a small piece of duck tape to keep it closed.

Add straps if you want them. While wearing the strapless duck tape bra, you can add straps. Cut the duck tape so that it is thin and fold it in on itself. Attach this where you want the straps.


Keep the t-shirt lining to help absorb any sweat.

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