How to Make a Pictorial

By Ann Johnson
This scene will look different during summer.

A pictorial is a series of pictures or illustrations that tell a story or illustrate instructions. Instead of a story, with a beginning, middle and end or instructions on how to do something, a pictorial might also demonstrate a concept or idea. A pictorial is a non-verbal form of communication, conveying the ideas of its creator. Artists use a wide array of mediums to create pictorials. While a painting, quilt or other medium might be difficult for some with limited artistic talents, a photographic pictorial makes a manageable first pictorial project.

Select a theme for the pictorial. For an example, select the seasons of the year as your theme.

Make a list of the necessary pictures for the pictorial. For the example, the pictorial needs four photographs, one of spring, summer, fall and winter.

Locate an outdoors scenic area that experiences all four seasons. Ideally, select an area that experiences winter snow, fall colors and spring blossoms.

Take four photographs of the area, positioning the camera in the exact same way for each photograph, yet take one photograph during the winter, one during the spring, one during the summer and one during the fall.

Print the four photographs, making each print identical in size.

Affix the four photographs on a long narrow piece of cardboard, just long enough to hold all four photographs. Arrange the pictures in the order of the seasons and affix to the board using a glue stick.

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