How to Make a Paper Shirt

Things You'll Need

  • Copy paper
  • Something to draw and color with

Here's how to make a paper shirt

First pull out your sheet of paper and fold it in half long ways.

Then unfold it and fold the left and right sides to the center fold.


Next fold your sheet of paper in half where the opening of the paper is showing.


Now you need to make the sleeves To make the sleeves fold the paper from the top corners to the very center of the bottom.


To make the collar just flip your shirt over and fold where the opening of the paper is down to look like a collar. You can make it big or small because it doesn't really matter.


You're already finished but if you want you can draw something or someone or anything on your shirt. You can even put buttons or stickers on it. Be creative and do just about anything with it.


Finally your paper shirt is finished


  • Make sharp folds and good creases to make a better shirt