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How to Make a Paper Seagull

Decorate your paper seagull with feathers to create a more realistic look.
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Seagulls are a mainstay of beach visits. They fly overhead, perch on docks and float gently on the ocean current. While these oceanic birds tend to stay close to water, you can keep one flying high in your own home by creating a paper seagull.

Things You'll Need:

  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Card Stock Paper
  • Paint
  • Feathers
  • Markers

Draw the outline of the seagull's body on a piece of card stock. You should include the bird's head, beak, body and tail feathers in the design. Do not include wings, as they will be added to the bird later. This should be a lateral view of the bird, the way you see it from the side as it flies by. Cut the outline out of the card stock.

Bend a piece of card stock in half and draw the bird's wing on one half, measuring about the same length as the body outline. Add one 1/2 inch flap to the end of the wing design for attachment to the body. Cut the wing from the folded piece of paper, creating two identical seagull wings.

Use markers or paint to draw eyes and a beak on the bird's body outline. Use the same supplies to provide gray and speckled coloration on the body to mimic the look of a real beach seagull.

Paint or mark the edges of the wings with black color to create the dark edges of the seagull's wings.

Attach the wings by the flaps of paper and glue. Attach them to the seagull's body near the center of the gull.

Add feathers to create a more realistic seagull appearance and attach a ribbon just above the wings to hang the bird.

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