How to Make a Paper Pope Hat

Use a folding technique to make a pope hat out of paper.
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Make a white pointed bishop's or pope's hat to complete a pope Halloween costume. Use a large piece of paper or a thicker kind of paper if you want your paper pope hat to be larger or sturdier. If you follow a specific folding technique, the resulting pope hat will look much like the real one, with a vertical fold that goes up along the middle of the front.

Fold a large piece of white paper in half width-wise and crease the fold. Turn the folded paper in front of you on the table so that the folded long side, not the open long side, is facing away from you.

Fold the two open side corners down so that they meet at the middle, the way you would if you were making a paper airplane. You now have a triangle with a long flap along the bottom.

Turn half of one bottom flap up on the open long end that is closest to you. Fold it up again the rest of the way so that it flips up over the bottom of the triangle.

Flip the paper over and fold the left and right ends toward the center about 3 inches, then fold in the corners on the bottom, starting from the vertical fold directly above the corners. You now have a triangle on top, a vertical stripe directly below it and a bottom part.

Fold the bottom part up half way, fold it over the rest of the way and tuck the end of the bottom part into the pocket the two folds created. Crease all the folds so they stay together. You now have an opening in the bottom of the hat.

Pull the opening apart gently to reveal the pointed front of the paper pope hat and the headband in the back that will hold it on your head. Your pope hat is ready to wear.