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How to Make a Paper Chain Out of Money

Money paper chains using fake currency make great party favors.
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Making a paper chain out of money is a fast and easy project. You can give a money paper chain necklace or bracelet made from false dollars bills as a party favor or use it for a costume. Avoid using real money when making these chains as it is illegal to defame federal currency.

Fold a fake dollar bill in half horizontally with the font of the dollar bill facing outwards. Fold the dollar bill in half horizontally a second time towards the "In God We Trust" insignia.

Turn the folder bill over and locate the side that says "One Dollar Bill." Fold the ends of each side so that they meet in the middle. Fold the bill in half at the meeting point at the ends. The two original ends should be aligned and touching each other. This makes one link to the chain. Repeat these steps with as many dollars bills you would like to add to the chain.

Slide the majority black side of a link into the majority green side of another link. Note that on each link there will be a side that shows part of the black ink from the George Washington insignia and a side that shows part of the darker green from the Mason insignia. Connect all of the links together to create a necklace, bracelet or any size loop you desire.


  • It is illegal to destroy, rip, cut, or write on or defame currency. Do not make a paper chain using real currency.
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