How to Make a Paper Bunting

Things You'll Need

  • Decorative paper
  • Ribbon
  • Glue

A bunting is a series of flags, usually in the shape of triangles that are often seen hanging across streets, at car lots or at parties. A homemade bunting works well for parties, celebrations and holidays. While a paper bunting won't hold up to heavy winds, they do add a festive touch when hung along a fence or inside on a wall. Making your own bunting allows you to customize the decoration to match the party or home decor.

Determine the length of the bunting. If you have a particular wall or area in mind, measure the area to determine an appropriate length. Cut the ribbon that length, leaving about two feet of extra ribbon as a buffer.

Decide on the shape for your paper flags that will hang from the ribbon. Triangles are popular, but squares also will work well.

Decide how large you want the paper flags to be on the bunting. The size of the flags, along with the total length, will determine how many paper flags you need to cut. Also decide if you will have a space between the flags and factor that into your calculations. For instance, if the ribbon is ten feet long, the triangle flags are six inches wide and you don't want a space between them, you'll need 20 triangles.

Think about the type of triangles you want if you choose them as your flag shape. Decide whether you want triangles with equal length sizes or triangles that are long and narrow.

Choose a design for the paper flags on the bunting. Consider spelling out a greeting or message with one letter placed on each flag. Another option is to use different patterns or decorative papers. Choosing a general color scheme helps guide the planning process.

Create a template for the flags using thin cardboard. Cut out your template and use it to trace the flags onto the decorative papers. Cut out all the flags.

Add embellishments to create the desired designs on the bunting flags. Use glue to hold the letters, images and other designs on the paper shapes.

Place the ribbon length on a long table or the floor. Arrange the flags along the ribbon in order from left to right. Make sure the flags are evenly spaced along the ribbon.

Glue the bunting flags along the ribbon, checking the spacing as you go. Allow the glue to dry fully before moving the bunting.

Tie a bow at each end of the ribbon. Use push pins to hang the bunting.