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How to Hang a Picture With Ribbon

Ray Robert Green/Demand Media

Hanging a picture with ribbon harks back to traditional ways of home decor. Older homes sometimes had molding around the top of the wall to hold picture hooks. Wire or ribbon was attached to the picture frames to hang the pictures from the hooks. This protected plaster walls from being damaged by nails or screws while adding a decorative touch. In contemporary homes, using this technique of hanging a picture from a ribbon adds elegant flair to a room.

Things You'll Need:

  • Pencil
  • Decorative picture hook
  • Hammer or screwdriver
  • Measuring tape
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Hot-glue gun


For heavy pictures, use a picture hook that can be anchored to the wall or attach the hook to a wall stud.

Work with the glue quickly, because it cools quickly when applied in a thin line.

Add more glue on top of the ribbon for additional security. Allow the glue to set for an hour after applying it before you hang the picture.


  • Use a hot-glue gun with care; it can burn skin, and the glue is difficult to remove from porous items such as clothing or carpet.
Ray Robert Green/Demand Media

Mark the wall with pencil at the desired position of the picture hook. Secure the hook on the wall with the hammer or screwdriver as needed. Decorative hooks have a hole through which a matching nail or screw is inserted to secure the hook to the wall. To ensure the hook is firmly attached, make sure it goes into a stud or use an appropriate wall anchor.

Ray Robert Green/Demand Media

Measure the distance between the picture hook and your desired location for the top of the picture. Add 14 inches to this measurement to determine the ribbon length.

Ray Robert Green/Demand Media

Cut two pieces of ribbon long enough to hang the picture in the location you selected. Use the measurement between that location and the hook and add approximately 14 inches.

Ray Robert Green/Demand Media

Apply hot glue in a thin, square-shaped pattern to the upper-back corners of the picture frame. Press one end of each ribbon into the glue at a slight angle, with the wrong side up. The ribbons should lie in a slight “V” position, which helps them lay smoothly on the wall after they are tied and hung on the picture hook.

Ray Robert Green/Demand Media

Double-knot the two ribbons together at the same measurement you figured between the hook and where you want the picture on the wall. For example, if you want the picture to hang 12 inches below the hook, make the knot 12 inches from the corner edge where you glued the ribbon.

Ray Robert Green/Demand Media

Tie a bow where you made the knot. Adjust the bow loops to the size you want. Cut the bow’s tails at a 45-degree angle or in an upside-down “V” shape for a decorative edge.

Ray Robert Green/Demand Media

Hang the picture with the ribbon bow centered on the picture hook.

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