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How to Cover a Sofa With a Quilt

Cover a Sofa With a Quilt

Do you have an old sofa that is in need of a fashion makeover? Or maybe you have a quilt with sentimental value that you want to display instead of leaving it in the linen closet. Solve both common problems with these simple decorating tips on covering a sofa with a quilt.

Cover a Sofa With a Quilt

Things You'll Need:

  • Quilt
  • Sofa
  • Fabric Protector

Determine the purpose of your quilt. First you must ask yourself what the purpose of your quilt is to be. Do you want to use this quilt as decoration? Will you use it to display a piece of handiwork or a family heirloom? Or is the goal to use the quilt as a type of slipcover to cover the fabric of your current sofa?

Coordinate your colors. Once you have determined whether it is the couch that needs covering or the quilt that needs displaying, make sure that the sofa and quilt are coordinating with each other. Try not to pair two florals or two prints. If the quilt is floral or of many colors, put it on a solid-colored couch.

Back the sofa up against the wall, if you are using the quilt as a slipcover. Drape the quilt over the main portion of the seat and back area. Tuck it in firmly behind the back, and tuck the sides under the couch cushions. Try to make sure that the quilt lays evenly along the floor, similar to a dust ruffle.

Fold the quilt evenly, if you are using it for decorative purposes. Lay it over the back of the couch so that it drapes over the couch cushions and falls a few inches above the seating area. Make sure that enough fabric hangs behind the sofa's back that the quilt is balanced and won't fall onto the seating area.

Protect and preserve your quilt. Once you have positioned your quilt onto your sofa, preserve it from stains and normal wear and tear by spraying it with a fabric protector such as Scotchguard. This will protect your quilt from yellowing and fading, and make it resistant to minor stains.

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