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Homemade Metal Chair Cover Ideas

Covering a metal chair can add elegance to any event.
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Whether decorating for a wedding or another type of party, covering metal chairs can make a huge difference in the atmosphere. A simple chair cover can transform a dull, cold room into a lively environment. Depending on your budget and taste, there are multiple homemade metal chair cover ideas from which to choose.

Plastic Tablecloth

Cut the plastic tablecloth lengthwise, and tie one half of it around the top of the chair, creating a bow in the back. The tablecloth should lie flat across the front of the chair. Decorate the chair with ribbons or flowers that coordinate with your event. For example, place a few flowers inside the knot of the bow in the back of the chair. Alternatively, wrap a wide ribbon around the front of the chair and tie it in the back, hiding the knot under the tablecloth bow.


Pillowcases make hassle-free chair covers as well. Simply slide the opening of the pillowcase over the top of the chair, fold the excess material up and secure with a pin. Tie tulle or ribbons over the pillowcase to add more elegance, if desired. To use tulle, gather it together so it is the same width as the chair back. Wrap the gathered tulle around the front of the chair, and tie a bow in the back. If you use ribbon, perform the same process, but without gathering the ribbon.

Trash Bags

White trash bags are another economical way to make a metal chair cover. Slide the trash bag over the chair. The trash bag should cover the entire chair, including the seat and chair legs. Tie a ribbon around the chair where the chair top and seat meet.

Sewn Covers

Purchase material by the yard, or use curtains or sheets. Choose a chair cover pattern at a local fabric store, or make your own pattern. To make your own, measure the width of the chair back and note the measurement. If the width of the chair back is not uniform, measure it at its widest point. Next, measure from the top of the chair back to the chair seat. Add 1/2 inch to both of these measurements. Draw on a piece of newspaper a rectangle using these two measurements as the length and width. Fold the fabric in half, pin the pattern to the fabric and cut along the edge of the pattern. You should now have two rectangular pieces. Pin together the two rectangular pieces, with the right sides together. Sew the rectangular pieces together on both short ends and one of the long ends, using a 1/4-inch inseam. Hem the remaining unstitched end. Turn the cover right side out and slide the cover over the back of the chair.

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