How to Make a Palm Branch

By Ainsley Patterson ; Updated September 15, 2017
You can make your own palm leaves with some inexpensive craft supplies.

Palm leaves are used in church celebrations for Palm Sunday and can also be used as decorations for tropical- or jungle-themed parties. Real palm leaves are not always easy to find, so you might need to make your own palm leaves for party decorations or Bible lessons. You can craft your own palm leaves with some inexpensive craft supplies that you can find at a craft store.

Fold your large sheet of green construction paper in half hot-dog style.

Cut the folded sheet of construction paper starting at one end of the fold, out and around up towards the other end of the paper. Then cut up and gradually back towards the fold. The cut should end in a point at the other end of the fold. When you are done cutting, unfold the paper and you should have a leaf shape.

Refold the paper in half and cut slits from the open edge of the folded paper in towards the folded edge, but not cutting through the folded edge. This will create a sort of fringe along the leaf shape.

Lay your pipe cleaners out in front of you so that they create one long line with one end of the first pipe cleaner overlapping the end of the other pipe cleaner by about an inch. Twist the two ends together to form one long pipe cleaner.

Glue the connected pipe cleaners down the center of your construction paper palm leaf to create the stem of the leaf. Leave some of the pipe cleaner hanging off the rounded end of the leaf.

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