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How to Make a No Slip Hair Clip

Making your own hair clips or hair clips for your baby or child can allow you to customize the clips to fit your needs. If you have fine hair or are making hair clips for children, slipping can be a significant concern. Fortunately, it is quite easy to make a no-slip hair clip without extra work or expense. Depending upon the size, a no-slip hair clip can hold back growing-out bangs, secure a French twist or keep a baby's fine hair tidy.

Things You'll Need:

  • Ribbon, Flowers, Buttons Or Other Accents
  • French Clips Or Single Prong Salon Clips
  • Rubber Drawer Liner
  • Permanent Double-Sided Tape (Tacky Tape) Or Hot Glue And Gun

How to Make a No Slip Hair Clip

Choose the right size hair clip. A single prong salon clip works for well a baby or toddler's hair. Use a French clip for an older child with thick hair or an adult. Keep in mind that heavier embellishments may require a heavier hair clip.

Use hot glue or a permanent double-sided adhesive tape like Tacky Tape to apply flat ribbon to cover your hair clip. Add flowers, buttons, jewels or other embellishments to this ribbon base. Cover only the top outer part of your hair clip.

Test the fit of your hair clip. Decide whether you will apply non slip coverings to part of or all of the inside of the hair clip. Too much bulk may interfere with the use of your no-slip hair clip.

Cut non-slip shelf liner the same size as the inside of your hair clip. For a salon clip, cut pieces to the size of both your upper and lower portion of the clip. If you are using a French clip, cut a piece the size of the inside lower half of the clip and the upper, curved tension piece, if desired.

Glue or tape your non-slip shelf liner onto your hair clip. Allow your adhesive to dry for 24 hours before wearing or selling your no-slip hair clip. When using no-slip hair clips, be careful to open the clip fully before removing to avoid pulling or damaging the hair, particularly on young children.


Use only as much no slip material as needed to create an effective grip for your hair clip. No slip hair clips designed for young children may also be a hit with teens.


  • Carefully clean up excess glue or adhesive on the clip to make it look as neat as possible.
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