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How to Make a Newspaper Shirt

Fold a newspaper into a keepsake.
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Making a shirt out of newspaper is an easy way to create your own keepsake or make a unique gift for someone else. Whether you want to commemorate a historical or current event, making a newspaper shirt is accomplished with a few simple folds. Since making the shirt's collar will vary depending on the size of the newspaper you use, practice making a shirt with a newspaper you don't want to keep.

Treat Newspaper With Acid-Free Spray

To prevent brittleness and deterioration, treat the newsprint with an acid-free spray. Be sure to work in a well ventilated area and protect your work surface with a large sheet of plastic or waxed paper. Lay out the newspaper, and carefully smooth down the fold in the center. Begin by spraying away from the paper; then spray slowly back and fourth to apply an even coat. Allow the newspaper to thoroughly dry before you begin folding.

Fold the Shirt

Position the treated newspaper so the side you want to show faces down and the text is right side up. Fold each half inward to the fold in the center, and crease. A metal spoon works great to smooth the creases. Open the newspaper, and make sure you have four equal sections with three lengthwise creases. At the top, fold down the two outer corners inward, toward the outer two crease lines. The areas folded down will form triangles. The edges should align very close to (but not on top of) the outer crease lines. Then fold each half in toward the center fold again forming a V-shape. Fold the top down and toward you, making a horizontal crease at the bottom point of the V. This crease makes a reference line for folding the sleeves. Unfold it to reveal the reference line and V-shape.

Make the Sleeves

Grasp the left outer crease a few inches down from the reference line with your left hand. Grasp the left corner of the bottom point of the V, and pull it down and outward, meeting your left hand. Carefully make a crease, and do the same thing on the right side. This forms another V-shape. Now make your reference line an actual fold. As you fold it back down, pull out the sleeves and crease each one.

Fold the Collar

Place the shirt so the center opening faces down with the sleeves on each side at the top. Fold an inch and a half strip up from the bottom and crease. Flip the paper over so the new fold is underneath. Fold the corners of the strip toward the center, referring to your practice shirt to determine how far apart the corners should be. Rotate the shirt 180 degrees so the collar is at the top and the sleeves are at the bottom. Since the collar will tear easily, fold the end with the sleeves up to the end with the collar, but do not crease. Gently tuck the shoulders under the two corners of the collar, leaving a slight gap under the outer edges of the collar. Hold the gap firmly in place before making the final crease.

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