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How to Make a Music Portfolio

Creating a good music portfolio moves you closer to your goals in the music industry.
the musician image by Aliaksandr Zabudzko from Fotolia.com

If you're a musician or recording artist, a strong portfolio could mean the difference between success and failure. You should be able to create a professional and well-rounded portfolio in a few hours. One integral part of putting this package together is to communicate to the potential employer who you are musically and professionally. And the most important part is to let the music speak for itself.

Record a professional quality demo disk that features selections of your music that you feel are not only the best, but represent you as an artist (see Resources). If you don't have access to professional recording equipment at home, rent time at a local recording studio and pay an engineer to put a demo disk together for you.

Use a computer word processing program to write and print out a professional resume that lists, in detail, your education, training, work experience as it pertains to the music business, musician skill sets (e.g., vocalist, guitar player) and repertoire list that includes many popular pieces you can play or sing. Remember to save a copy of your resume on your computer's hard drive before printing it.

Write, save and print a mission statement that articulates your personality, philosophy and career goals.

Insert your demo CD into your computer and open up your computer's media player (such as iTunes or Windows Media Player). Click the "Import" tab to import your music to your computer in MP3 form. Having both hard copies and digital copies of your portfolio files allows you to send copies of your portfolio through both regular mail and email.

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