How to Make a Movie Teaser

How to Make a Movie Teaser. You may not be ready to make a full-length feature movie, but you can still join the fun by making your own movie teaser, or trailer. A teaser is a short film that teases the audience with information about an upcoming film. Turn your great idea into a teaser and you can create great buzz about your movie.

Start with the basics: a main character in a predicament. Most teasers start with the existing flaw or handicap that hampers the character from addressing the main challenge of the film. In the case of Godzilla, show Tokyo vulnerable to potential monster attack or the chaos on the ship when the unexpected monster appears.

Show the tension leading up to the main conflict. In Godzilla, this would include lots of shots of people on the phone, getting into tanks, running for the door or looking up and screaming.

Include an authoritative voice-over to tie it all together. Pick whichever friend of yours sounds the most like that voice-over guy on tape. Write down all the lines and have them practice until it sounds professional.


Some companies award prizes for a teaser or short film.

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