How to Make a Mother's Day Card

Things You'll Need

  • Construction paper
  • Bristol board
  • Writing tools
  • Glue
  • Cut outs

How to Make a Mother's Day Card. Make a homemade Mother's Day card so your mother feels very special. You can buy a card but your mother will always remember that special card that you took the time to make for her.

Take a piece of colored construction paper or Bristol board. Use 8 ½ inch pieces for a large card or cut it in half for a smaller card. Pick your mother's favorite color.

Fold it one of three ways. Fold it in half so that it opens left to right like a regular card. Fold it top to bottom so that it opens upward. Or fold it in three so that it has three panels with the left side and the right side opening in the middle.

Write Happy Mother's Day on the front in large fancy print or writing. You want these words to stand out on the front of the card.

Use various writing tools like colored markers, paint, pencil crayons or pens. Write it across the top from left to right or going down from top to bottom.

Decorate the front with drawings of flowers, hearts or any pictures your mother likes. Use writing tools to draw or get creative by using stickers, cut out shapes and pipe cleaners. You can also write and glue with colored glitter glue. Let the front dry.

Open your card. Glue a photo of you and your mother on the left side of the card.

Write "To Mom" on the inside of the card on the right. Write "Happy Mother's Day" or "I Love You" underneath.

Sign the card with your name at the bottom. Make sure you say "Love" before your name. Put the year at the bottom of the card so your mother can keep the card forever and look back and remember the year you gave her that special homemade card.


  • Make sure the front of card is dry before you decorate the inside. Don't glue the insides of the card together by accident.